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  • Jan Hajek Stage 3

Renewal on Victoria Road:
Year 3 Architecture
Semester 2
Lecturers: Conrad Wiedermann, Neil Lamb, David Vardy

The majority of work for architects involves work to existing buildings, in established settings. In the first semester of stage 3 the student therefore tackled the adaptive reuse of a listed building. In the process the student had to relate to its cultural significance and landscape context and adopt Westburn House for a new use using models and careful hand-drawing to convey the character of your design. The second semester project gives the student the opportunity to deploy their newly gained understanding of the importance of the historic context; but in contrast to first semester they are asked to design a new built, multi-story building on a brown field site. This is also the last semester before their year out as an Architectural Assistant. It is therefore appropriate that we encourage their independent learning – even more strongly than we did in semester one – to prepare them for the challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead. Design decisions, presentation tools, timekeeping and the organization of their workload are now fully devolved to the student and the role of the tutors will be that of consultants that they can call on once they have considered options and prepared questions.