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With Guest Critics  – Luigi Snozzi, Daniel Serafimovski, Adam Sharr, Eelco Hooftman, Amin Taha, David Kohn

The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built environment organised a day-long public discussion that saw students present their work and be critiqued by a panel of internationally respected architects and architectural professionals. The annual event known as ‘The Big Crit’ saw students from all stages of the architecture course deliver presentations of their work, as well as provide leaflets and three-dimensional models to clearly explain the thought-processes behind their ideas. The panel consisted of distinguished architectural professionals and educators from across the UK as well as Swiss architect Luigi Snozzi. The list of critics includes Adam Sharr, Professor of Architecture at Newcastle University, Eelco Hooftman of GROSS MAX, Amin Taha, director of Amin Taha Architects, David Kohn of David Kohn Architects, and Daniel Serafimofski of the London MET – as well as Scott Sutherland’s own visiting Professors and staff.