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Surveying World Heritage Sites:
Research Project, Surveying

Prof. Richard Laing
Dr. Jonathan Scott
Dr. Elizabeth Tait

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This project investigated user engagement and interaction with 3-D visualisations of heritage sites. A portable laser scanner was used to capture a 3-D scan of Elgin Ladyhill/Castle in the North-East of Scotland. These are important local landmarks; the ruins of Elgin castle date back to the 12th century and stand at one end of the Royal Burgh High Street. The scan was rendered using open source technologies and was used as a basis for the social research. User engagement activities and social research interviews with members of the community were conducted in Elgin Library. As well as investigating the user experience of viewing local heritage sites in a virtual environment, this seed project also investigated mechanisms for incorporating user-generated content into the visualisations. We believe that this can provide means through which non professional users can contribute information to these visualisations and thereby enhance knowledge and understanding through ‘tagging’ and commenting on digital artefacts.