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Surveying and CARE North+
Research Project

Professor David Gray
Professor Richard Laing

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As part of our research project (CARE North+), we have been considering the effects which rising fuel prices might have on the way in which we travel, and the ways in which we lead our lives. Beginning with the notion that petrol might rapidly rise to €5/litre, we have debated how society would cope with having to make a rapid transition towards low carbon forms of transport. As we have experienced in cities and towns which have managed such a transition in times of cheap energy, such a scenario also carries the potential to create urban environments which are cleaner, safer and more pleasant than car-dominated areas. During the summer of 2014, we ran a two-day ‘scenario-building’ workshop in Aviemore, followed by a walk in the hills. We learned something about the issues under discussion, and the group also learned something about the value of teamwork and creative thinking in stimulating surroundings.