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Northern Collective, Student Live Project

Northern Collective are a recently established cross school design team, its core consisting of third year architecture students working alongside a few experienced tutors. The courtyard project was led and undertaken by these students and serves as an integral vocational learning outlet that enables the students to obtain a profound understanding of the design process throughout the construction stage. The School’s courtyard recently existed as a derelict space, only occupied by a nominal number of uninspiring student experiments. It existed as a lifeless space, a wasteful void failing to realise its potential. However the courtyard has the capability to provide an integral outdoor lecture space, social hub and act as a creative playground for the development of ideas. Our aim was to provide a high quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing stair, outdoor lecture area that additionally served to link the upper and lower floors of the School. The stair will be situated in the heart of the courtyard and will connect to what is now the roof of two plant rooms and a store. The stair will be constructed using a simple timber frame and exterior timber cladding will be located at the sides of the stair following its incline.