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Tower over Belmont Street, Aberdeen
Stage 5 Architecture
Prof. Gökay Deveci
Bill Black
David Vardy
Raju Noor

This project seeks to densify a newly master planned and pedestrianised stretch on a key North-South axis of Aberdeen’s city centre. The scheme picks specially limited sites, adjacent to existing points of connection between Belmont Street & Denburn Valley, in which to build towering accommodation slices. These structures are cast in concrete to provide a presence to a block which currently only has frontages facing to the east. The concrete is shuttered with timber, with crisp vertical lines on the outside and interesting profiled faces to the inside. The accommodation spaces themselves will be open plan, with serviced pods breaking the space, yet not interrupting the internal faces. At ground level the towers will provide points of activity along these narrow lanes, and at there peak they will boast spectacular aerial views across the city centre.