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Scott Sutherland School of Architecture + Built Environment
2015 Yearbook
Holly Kennedy
Volha Druhakova

To see the full Yearbook please follow the link below:
Scott Sutherland Yearbook 2015

This is the last SSS Yearbook to be produced at Garthdee House. By next year students will have spent a year in the new Riverside East building and will, no doubt, want to reflect on the qualities of their new home and its impact on their education and work. For now, we thought it would be worth reflecting on the particular qualities of the present or ‘old’ school building and the way in which students and staff have made use of it in recent years. During our time as students the Garthdee campus has changed beyond recognition. In the process we have lost a union bar in the city, but gained a number of new resources on site. As Year 6 students we are not just leaving the building, we are also leaving the school too. Looking back over the past 6 years it is interesting how much the school has also changed. Developments in the workshop (digital printing and laser cutters) and changes in the labs (the emergence of 3D modelling and BIM etc) have had a major impact on the work we produce and how it is presented. It feels as if architectural education has changed a lot, although we can’t quite agree on the nature of the change. Whether education is more or less radical, technologically driven or marketing-orientated are questions on which you might chose to make your own judgement based on the work in this year’s
book. As we are moving to a new building, we thought it might be a good time to experiment with the format of the yearbook. We decided to go for a large square format so we could show work in a legible fashion. We hope you like it.